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Our Community Patrol will be missed

July 31st was the last day for Noel and Abdul and the Commercial Drive Community patrol. I will miss meeting them along “the Drive” and in MOBY Garden; chatting about the day’s events.  Abdul always had a joke to tell (mind you it was not always a good joke; but he always made me laugh). Noel has a stoic patient’s about him that made everyone around feel at ease.

I have heard rumours that there will be a community patrol through the GrandviewWoodlands

Noel and Abdul

CPC which will be great.  Our local police officers are wonderful, but it to have faces that you know keeping an eye out is somehow comforting.  We do need to remember we the community need to keep our eyes open for suspicious behaviour and watch out for our neighbours. Check out the Follow up to the Safety meeting on the blog. The Grandview Woodlands CPC is also a great resource for safety info, they are a great group at 5th and Commercial- check them out.

Noel & Abdul… you will be missed.

Tina @ MOBY


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Follow up to Safety Talk July 7th, 2010

First a thank you to Constable Abundo for taking the time to make the Safety presentation on July 7th. Plus another thank you to the First Christian Reformed Church for the use of their Hall.

For those of you who were not able to attend we have attached some useful links plus general tips on watching for and reporting crime and a guild to determining if a Marijuana grow op is in your neighbourhood. Thanks to all who attended and participated; together we make a safer stronger community.

What the area of MOBY garden looked like before the garden.

Community Safety Tips, What to Watch For and What to Do

Community safety relies upon the involvement of citizens in protecting their own neighborhood. Be alert for:

  • Someone running from a car or home.
  • Someone screaming. If you cannot determine what the screams are, call the police at 911 and report it.
  • Someone going door-to-door in the neighborhood or looking into windows and parked cars.
  • Someone asking about past residents.
  • A person who seems to have no purpose wandering in the neighborhood.
  • Any unusual or suspicious noise that you cannot explain, such as breaking glass or pounding.
  • Vehicles moving slowly, without lights, or with no apparent destination.
  • Business transactions conducted from a vehicle. This could involve the sale of drugs or stolen goods.
  • Offers of merchandise at ridiculously low prices. It is probably stolen property.
  • Property carried by someone on foot at an unusual hour or place especially if the person is running.
  • Property being removed from closed businesses or unoccupied residences.
  • A stranger entering a neighbor’s home that appears to be unoccupied.
  • A stranger in a car stopping to beckon to a child.
  • A child resisting the advances of an adult.

The police need to have accurate information as quickly as possible about a suspicious activity or crime in progress.

  • Call 911 and give your name. If a member of a Neighborhood Watch or other community safety program, identify yourself as a member.
  • Describe the event as briefly as possible; where, when, how, and who did it.
  • Tell if the crime is in progress or if it has already occurred.
  • Describe the suspect: sex, race, age, height, weight, hair color and length, clothing, beard or mustache, and distinctive characteristics.
  • Describe the vehicle involved: color, make, model, year, license plate, special markings, dents, and which direction they went.

What are the Indicators of a Marijuana Grow Operation?

There are a number of indicators, which may assist you in identifying a potential Marihuana Grow Operation in your neighbourhood, these include:

  • Rarely does anyone appear to be at home.
  • Visitors come and go at odd hours, entering/leaving the home quickly often through the garage and only for brief periods of time.
  • They avoid contact with neighbours.
  • Windows are kept closed and covered to conceal activities inside.
  • Condensation may be present on window panes
  • Equipment used in the growing operation such as large fans, lights, plastic plant containers or bags of potting soil are carried into the home.
  • Sounds of construction or electrical humming from equipment may be heard.
  • If the home is serviced with an underground hydro service, evidence of digging in the soil around the hydro meter may be the indication of an electrical by-pass.
  • There may be localized surges and decreases in power.
  • Strange odours are coming from the house. Marihuana plants produce a unique skunk-like odour that you may occasionally smell, usually at dusk and dawn.
  • Exterior appearance of the property is untidy. There is little outside maintenance done (unshovelled snow, uncut grass, etc.), and garbage bags containing used soil and plant material may be discarded in areas surrounding the house or loaded into a vehicle for disposal. Mail delivered to the house may not be collected regularly resulting in an overflowing mailbox.
  • Warning signs are posted in windows or around the outside of the building. These may warn people to “Beware of Dog” or that “Guard Dogs” are on the property.
  • Here is a link to the VPD Crime maps:
    Block Watch:

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    Community Safety Talk July 7th

    Community Safety Talk

    With Constable  Jose Abundo.

    When: July 7th @ 7pm

    Where: 1st Christian Reformed Church @

    11th Ave. and Victoria (2670 Victoria Dr)

    Why: To learn more about what we as citizens and neighbours can do to help prevent crime. Q and A regarding safety and crime prevention in the neighbourhood.

    Light refreshments will be served.

    Please contact MOBY (My Own Back Yard Community group) for more details moby_lize

    See you July7th!

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