Larry Young Park and Local Heros Pathway


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    judy said,


    I applaud you enthusiasm in the fall clean up. As a neighbour I respectfully ask you to reconsider planting clover. Clover is an unruly plant thats seeds are easliy spread far and wide. I have just spent an hour pulling clover out out of my garden. Clover is very prolific plant and has a tendency to take over gardens and lawns and choke out what has been planted there. The seeds are easily spread to nearby lawns and are very destructive to a nice bed of grass. In the interests of being respectful; to those of us around MOBY, please consider a more stable plant such as lavendar or sage. We all enjoy our green spaces and its important to support each other in our individuality.


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      MOBY garden said,

      No thank you for your enthusiasm and I am sorry for your frustration.
      I have been told by the Larry Young Committee that white clover is a native plant and it adds nitrates to the soil. Is it white clover that you are finding it your garden and lawn? We are trying to find red clover which is so beautiful to seed, from what I understand it self seeds less.
      I am also assuming you had to pull several dandy lions from your garden. There were many in the green space this year and several seeds probably made it your way. With all the ground cover (oregano, clover and salal) we are planting there will be fewer dandy lions (the dandy lion could also be considered native), horse tale and other weeds. As a not profit we just do not have the funds to plant that number of lavender or sage (though there are native sages).

      I will also admit we were not able to find a volunteer group to do proper maintenances to keep the weeds down and area watered. So we need to get a ground cover to help us maintain the area of weeds and help with water retention.
      Are there other suggestions you have for a ground cover that is inexpensive, native and can be planted in the fall?

      Tina @ MOBY

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    Surya said,

    Hey Tina – just curious how this all worked out…?! We’re considering planting some clover in our back yard (reclaiming it out from under asphalt…so any thoughts you have on this solution would be welcome!

    Surya (MOBY volunteer from a long time back)

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    Brooklyn said,

    Hi MOBY,

    I am working with the Vancouver Animal Defense League and we are doing a fundraiser by selling bags of horse manure for $5/bag plus a $5 delivery fee. So a garbage bag of manure to your front door is only $10 and every penny goes to help the animals. We heard from friends about your group and thought I’d share the info with you in case anyone is interested!

    Thanks a lot,

    Brooklyn (VADL)

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