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Winter Gardening work-shop Aug 30th 5:30 to 7:30 2012

Summer is coming to a close so it’t time to put in your winter garden.

The folks at Fresh Roots are the experts that are putting on this work-shop.

When: Aug 30 530 to 7:30 pm

Where MOBY Garden 1735 East 11th (2 blocks for the Broadway Sky train)

Workshop by donation.

Please RSVP by emailing:, we want to have enough materials.




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EYA: Seed Swap April 14 10 am to 1pm

Bring your favourite seeds to swap with fellow gardeners. Or if you have no seeds to trade, come anyway! There are lots of seeds for everyone!

At the garden house (“Eco-Pavilion”) in the Strathcona Community Garden in Vancouver, near corner of Hawks Ave & Prior St.

Saturday April 14, 2012 10am – 1pm

Cost: FREE

If you haven’t been to the garden house in the Strathcona Community Garden, check out the map ( as it can be tricky to find the first time.

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Amazing Dirt sale! March 17th at MOBY Garden

With spring around the corner, My Own Backyard Garden is pleased to offer a rich, black soil/compost blend to gardeners.  It is called black gold, anything can grow in it.

Come support a local CommunityGarden !


WHEN:  Saturday, March 17 – 12-3 pm only

WHERE:  MOBY garden – 1735 East 11th Avenue (off of Commercial Drive)

HOW:  Bring your own bag/wheelbarrow and shovel yourself.


$4 per bag OR $5 per wheelbarrow (it’s a steal), so don’t wait till the last minute because this stuff won’t last long!


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Upcoming courses at Langara for organic gardeners.

For details on these course, please visit:


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Starting from Seed work-shop & Seed exchange Feb 26

When: Feb 26 2012  @ 10:30 am
> Where: MOBY garden 1735 East 11th Ave
> What: Learn to start from Seed. Get that tomato plant for pennies  instead of $3.00+ at the garden center. Learn what is best to  direct seed or  start indoors.

Tina was  raised on a hobby farm in Ontario and has been a  member of MOBY  garden for 7  years… Tina has good practical advice.
> Fee: Suggested donation $5
> Cylia from the Cedar Cottage Seed Saving Collective will be on  site to ask about seed saving.
> Please forward to your friends.

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Food Preservation: Drying Foods Feb 25 2012

Food Preservation: Drying Foods

February 25, 2012 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Rooted Nutrition Classes

3 Hours

Food preservation: Drying Foods with Andrea Potter
(dairy-free, egg-free, veggie, hands-on)
One of the most ancient techniques for food preservation is drying. You don’t need an expensive food dehydrator to dry food! A conventional oven can be used for all recipes.
Essential for food security, drying solves storage problems in the fridge and takes up less space in the pantry than canning. Not to mention that unlike canning, we can preserve these foods without added sugar or vinegar.
We’ll be:
• making oven-dried root vegetable chips ( And a tasty dipping sauce for healthy appetizer idea!)
• making apple and pear chips
• making naturally sweet ‘fruit roll-ups’ with apples, pears, stone-fruits and berries
• Drying herbs and chillies


728 main st vancouver bc, v6a 2v7  canada

go to

Andrea Potter

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Cheese Making Class March 4 2012

March 4, 2012 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Rooted Nutrition Classes

3 Hours

Fermented dairy-intro to CHEESE! With Cedana Bourne
(egg-free, veggie, gluten-free, hands-on)
In this fun and informative class, you learn how to make veggie-friendly farmer’s cheese ( no rennet) using dairy kefir grains.
You’ll be making flavoured soft cheese and going home with your own dairy kefir culture!
Other recipe ideas and uses for dairy kefir
Making ghee- Ayurvedic clarified butter
More than cheese, in this class you will be learning about the health and political issues around dairy:
What’s homogenization and how does it affect my milk?
Pasteurization: the raw milk battle and where to get real milk
* Please bring a small jar to take home your dairy kefir culture!


728 Main st.

Vancouver bc

Andrea Potter

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