On Bicycles by Book Launch Oct 19th

Please join People’s Coop Bookstore for an evening of books and bikes!

Wednesday, October 19
People’s Coop Bookstore
On Bicycles talk & signing:
Wednesday, October 19 at 7:30pm – 9pm
1391 Commercial Drive

Join editor Amy Walker and writer Lori Kessler for stories from On Bicycles – 50 Ways the New Bike Culture Can Change Your Life. Stay for a discussion and share your stories of how cycling has changed your life – and how it is changing life in your city.

Refreshments provided by East End Food Coop.

Bike culture is exploding in cities like Portland, OR, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Montreal, and Vancouver, BC. Whether people are riding folding bikes to the commuter train, slipping through traffic on streamlined single speeds, or carrying children and groceries on their cargo bikes, bicycles are making urban life more dynamic and enjoyable — simply better.

On Bicycles features 33 writers including locals Terry Lowe, Lars Goeller, Todd Litman, Stephen Rees, Carmen Mills, Ulrike Rodrigues (aka Mitey Miss), Wendell Challenger, Chris Keam, Finley Fagan, Lori Kessler, Ron Richings, Eric Doherty, Sarah Ripplinger, David Hay, Bonnie Fenton Amy Wlaker and Denise Wrathall.

The local amazing Carmen Mills wrote a piece for On Bicycles called “Notes from a Bicycle Bodhisattva—may all beings be liberated,” about how bikes and the buddha are all about the pursuit of FREEDOM.


Here are some recent reviews:
The Podcast of Amy’s interview with Margaret Gallagher for her “High Velocity” weekly wednesday cycling spot the CBC’s Early Edition. (regularly aired at a quarter to 8am).
Interview is 3/4 of the way through the podcast:  http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/podcasts/bcearlyedition_20110921_32474.mp3

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