GWAC meeting January 10th 2010

The next meeting of the Grandview-Woodland Area Council (GWAC) is 7pm–9pm
Monday 10 January in the Conference Room of the Information Centre
building, Britannia Community Centre, 1661 Napier Street.   All welcome.

The meeting will contain discussion of community issues, possibly including:

(1) Community Plan update:   Continuation of the discussion at the
December 2010 GWAC meeting attended by approximately 40 people from seven
neighbourhoods.   A report by the Planning Department is expected to go to
Council in late February that will (a) rank Grandview Woodland number one
among five candidate neighbourhoods for a Community Plan and (b) review
community planning processes with a view to doing three Community Plans at
once.  The Planning Department will likely draw on its recent experiences
with the Mount Pleasant Community Plan and Norquay Village Neighbourhood
Centre Plan.   The Planning department is reviewing its community planning
processes and will be holding a workshop in late January where the public
can comment on the review.   See the GWAC web page on Community Plans
(accessible from the front page of the GWAC website).

(2) Update on Britannia Centre’s Master Plan and visioning process.

(3) Building height proposals for Downtown Vancouver and the Downtown
Eastside (DTES):   A report about height proposals in the Downtown was to
be heard by Council on 16 December but has been postponed to Thursday 20
January. has published a critique of the report.   Note
that what’s being proposed is a discretionary height of 700 feet — i.e.,
more than 700 feet at the discretion of the Director of Planning.   The
report about height proposals in the DTES is scheduled to also be heard on
20 January.   Apparently, as many as five 15-storey towers at the north
end of Main Street are being proposed.

Check the GWAC website for more on these possible discussion items.

If you have issues of concern to the neighbourhood, bring them to the


Dan Fass
Grandview-Woodland Area Council


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