No impact week! Jan 2 to Jan 8th

I am feeling so happy we were able to sell our “working just fine” stove. Yes Francois and I were vain and purchased a new stove for Christmas.  Our old stove was working fine but Francois is a fan of a ceramic top and it did not match our styling black dishwasher and fridge (that did need replacing a few years ago) I was happy to get 2nd hand.  We did not really need the $25 for the old stove (but saving the $60 disposal cost was nice). The stove is going to where it is wanted and needed and the family is very happy (theirs was on it’s last days).

It has surprised me the last few years how difficult it is to sell or just give away good 2nd hand items, we all want new new new.  This 1st week of 2011 we can all try to have No Impact.

Yes magazine!

or Earth Easy Blog


Feeling a bit less guilty by finding a home for our stove. Good bye stove we loved cooking on you!

Tina @ MOBY


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    No impact week! Jan 2 to Jan 8th « MOBY garden's Blog…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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