Garden Planning and Preparation with Grant Watson

Sunday November 14   2:00-5:00 pm
Strathcona Community Centre
601 Keefer Street
This course will get you started in thinking about how to start a food garden, and taking the first important step of getting the beds ready for planting. A sound garden plan that takes all the key factors into consideration has a better chance of producing and winning your enthusiasm. 

* goal setting
* location
* layout
* coldframes/greenhouses
* ordering seeds
* sheet mulching
* tilling/digging
* cover crops/green manures
* starting seedlings
* irrigation
* planting perennials
* beneficials
Practical Activity to be determined.

Grant is a former organic farmer and has been teaching gardening to adults and children since 2003. He also operates an edible landscaping business Grant’s Gourmet Gardens

To register: Strathcona Community Centre 604.713.1838 (45508.401)
Suggested donation: $35.00, pay what you can. 

For more information: Ross Moster <>, Village Vancouver, Strathcona Community Centre

Part of Cultivating Food, Cultivating Community Fall series

Village Vancouver Transition Town Initiative


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