MOV: Home Grown: Local Sustainable Food Nov4 & Dec 2 2010

December 02, 2010 / 7:00 PM Home Grown Talk & Tour: Chef Andrea Carlson and Heather Pritchard
Join us for a talk and tour of the exhibit, Home Grown: Local Sustainable Food. Presented by FarmFolk/CityFolk. Free with admission. 

December’s Speaker:
Chef Andrea Carlson of Bishops and Heather Pritchard of Glorious Organics Farmer

Co-creation of our local food cuisine

Chef Andrea Carlson is a graduate of the Dubrulle Culinary School, Chef Carlson honed her culinary skills under Executive Chef Rob Clark at Vancouver’s famed C Restaurant, first as a pastry chef and later as Sous Chef. While at C Restaurant, she pursued her interest in plants and gardens by taking courses in landscape design. From C, she moved to Victoria to work under Chef Edward Tuscon at the multi-awarded Sooke Harbour House with its famed edible landscap. Andrea Carlson has garnered the Prestigious Green Award from Vancouver Magazine. The citation reads: “Her green approach got its formal start in 2003 at Sooke Harbour House on Vancouver Island, a restaurant surrounded by herb-rich gardens, fresh seafood, and local producers. In Vancouver she became deeply involved in local community initiatives, including the Green Table Network (to encourage composting and water reduction in restaurants), Growing Chefs (where chefs visit classrooms to discuss sustainable agriculture), and UBC Farm’s Outstanding in the Field (a gourmet dining series that promotes farming initiatives). When the 100-Mile Diet was catching on, Carlson when she was at Raincity Grill, was the first chef in town to feature a 100-mile menu; more recently, she helped launch the city’s compost program by composting with the mayor.”

Heather Pritchard – Until June 2010, FarmFolk/CityFolk Executive Director ~ Heather has over 40 years experience assisting non-profits, co-operatives and small businesses with financial planning, organizational development and personnel management. She is a member of Glorious Organics Cooperative, a certified organic farm business operating from Fraser Common Farm Cooperative in the Fraser Valley. As an active member in the land cooperative and a grower, producer and marketer of certified organic product, she has first-hand experience with the challenges of sustainable agriculture. Heather co-wrote the FarmFolk/CityFolk book, is on the GVRD Agricultural Advisory Committee, a founding member of the Vancouver Food Policy Council, and Treasurer of the BC Food Systems Network.

November 04, 2010 / 7:00 PM Home Grown Talk & Tour – Chris Hergesheimer and Jim Grieshaber-Otto, Cedar Isle Farm

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