A Play- Us and Them (the inquiry). Nov 3rd

Coming soon to Collingwood Neighbourhood House! Reservations recommended.

Us and Them (the inquiry)
Presented  by Headlines Theatre, in collaboration with Collingwood Neighbourhood House

Who  are ‘we’ and who are ‘they’? Fun, moving and gutsy – Us and Them (the inquiry) is a theatrical performance that invites audiences to  participate, and explore how we are woven together.

When: Wed, Nov 3, 7.30
Where: Collingwood Neighbourhood House,
5288 Joyce  St.

*Admission by donation

Space  is limited, so make sure you make your reservation quickly so you don’t miss out.  Shows tend to sell out!
Please make a reservation through Headlines directly: 604-871-0508 or
rsvp@headlinestheatre.com. There are other communities throughout the city holding the inquiries if you can’t make Nov. 3.

More about the event:
David Diamond will lead and invite audiences to re-discover how we are woven together through participatory theatre.

“We will be using theatre techniques and processes that create a safe space for audiences to share their own stories. The  barrier between performer and audience breaks down; some audience members find themselves right in the centre of the performance as it unfolds. It’s very exciting, and even transformative” says Diamond. “No one is forced to participate, and those who do tend to feel that it’s because something about the issue raised resonates with them deeply.”

For more info: http://headlinestheatre.com (click “What’s New”)


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