Local Hero 2010 Eileen Mosca

Grandview Woodland Community Policing Centre, I would like to nominate Eileen Mosca for inclusion as a local hero in the Larry Young Memorial Walk of Heroes.

Here is a brief description of what she has done for East Vancouver:

Eileen Mosca has remained a staunch and loyal advocate for East Vancouver for many years.  In her working life she is an artist of considerable talent, offering her skills freely to assist and support mural projects that beautify the neighbourhood and with the restorative justice RESTART program, a valuable tool for youth at risk to break away from the graffiti lifestyle.  Her own original art works brighten many areas of the neighbourhood.

In her volunteer life she is a passionate and committed supporter of the

Grandview Woodland Community Policing Centre (GWCPC) working as a volunteer and trainer, lending many hours to survey local residents to help address their most pressing crime and safety concerns and to promote prevention and safety through the CPC and outreach events such as Cops, Kids and Commercial Drive, and Community Clean-up Days.  She is an avid cyclist who is usually seen riding to her many volunteer commitments, all performed with great humour and spirit.

Eileen uses her considerable verbal and written talents to advocate for the neighbourhood’s most vulnerable, to ensure that useful and relevant assistance is made available for those in need and to encourage initiatives important to health and safety like Commercial Drive Car-Free Days, Under One Umbrella homeless services events and the

Grandview-Woodland Discarded Needle Sub-Committee.

Eileen participates in other organizations to advocate for the interests of area residents such as the

Grandview Woodland Area Council.  She raises her voice at City Hall in support of the interests of the East Vancouver community, and her responses and opinions are often published in local media such as the Vancouver Sun and Courier.

Eileen is a great example of what one person’s dedication and activism can do to improve the quality of life in a neighbourhood and we trust that you will find her a very worthy candidate for recognition as a Local Hero!


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