MOBY to have happy vegetables this year, thanks to the children of St Joseph Elementary

On April 20th the 2nd grade class of St Joseph School came to visit MOBY. They learned how a community came together to build a garden, playground and green space.  We talked about how we made our garden shed from clay, sand and straw, the class notice the windows were made of glass bottles and I told them the roof was in the shape of a leaf that could be seen from the skytain.

A sensory scavenger hunt was done. The children were shown and asked to smell mint, lemon balm and chives. We discussed what the smells reminded them of; one boy said the chives reminded him of “his mother when she is cooking”. We also talked about what the leaves could be used for; tea, cooking. The children were than asked to go find these herbs around the garden using both their eyes and their noises; some herbs look the same; the only way to tell the difference is to smell them.

Now for the worm count. Worms are a very good indicator of the health of the soil. All the plots we tested were very healthy, but one plot we counted 88 worms is about 2 cubic feet. Wow.  We all had so much fun counting the worms, we found little worms and gigantic worms. No worms were harmed in this test and great joy and laughter was heard by the neighbours.

Thank-you again to all the 2nd grade children of St Joseph the teachers and parents. MOBY will now have big juicy vegetables because of all the joy you added to the garden.


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