Intensive Urban Microfarming workshop with Robin Wheeler

Village Vancouver, Transition Cedar Cottage, and MOBY are pleased to present an

Intensive Urban Microfarming workshop with Robin Wheeler

When : Saturday, May 1st, 1:15-4:15 pm @

Where: MOBY Garden 1735 East 11th Ave Just 2 blocks from the Broadway & Commercial Dr Skytrain

What : Robin Wheeler is the founder of the Sustainable Living Arts School and runs Edible Landscapes on the Sunshine Coast. She is the author of Food Security for the Faint of Heart, and Gardening for the Faint of Heart.

Getting the most out of a normal urban garden can take imagination. This class assists us to boost production through a deeper understanding of microclimating, and of lateral growing, food cycles, succession planting, “shoulder cropping” and much more.

This workshop is offered on a pay what you can basis. Robin’s three hour workshop usually cost around $40. Our contributions to these workshops make it possible for teachers like Robin to expand and to deepen the scope of the important educational and social change work that they are involved in, particularly in these uncertain times.   To register: (or to find out more about hosting a future workshop), please contact Ross Moster at

Village Vancouver is Vancouver’s Transition Town Initiative. Transition Cedar Cottage is Cedar Cottage’s neighbourhood transition village.

For further information:
Village Vancouver and Transition Cedar Cottage : Transition Town movement: Robin’s work and the Sustainable Living Arts School: Vancouver Sustainable Living Arts School:


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