Home Grown” exhibition &; photo contest

FarmFolk/CityFolk and the Museum of Vancouver on a photography contest and
a 4 month exhibition called “Home Grown”. It would be great if you and
your community garden members would submit photos in the contest and be
involved with the exhibition.

Home Grown Photography Contest: site:

The winner of the photo contest has their image in the exhibition and at
the same time they take home $500 worth of Vancouver Farmers Market
produce and products. Below is some information on the exhibition and
attached is a contest promotion.

Please passing this on to other garden members and your community network.

With thanks,   Brian


FarmFolk/CityFolk Society and The Museum of Vancouver open the 4 month
photography exhibition, Home Grown! on August 26, 2010. For the past 3
years international award-winning photographer Brian Harris has focused
his camera on local sustainable farming and Vancouver’s urban agriculture
scene. The 40 images on display in Home Grown! portray our local farms,
farmers and urban growers with Brian’s characteristic hopeful and intimate
cultural style of portraiture. The photographs act as a spring board for
an in depth exploration of many critical issues related to sustainable
farming and the exploding phenomena of urban food production. Come and be
inspired and engaged by what many local farmers, urban growers and
localvores are doing to return our society to a more sustainable and
healthy relationship with our earth and food.


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