The more we get together the happier we’ll be….

On March 16th MOSAIC Daycare invited SPEC and MOBY to work with the children of the daycare. What a wonderful time we had. We were introduced to Oscar the Escargot (snail puppet) who read us a story about growing a bean. We then all pretended to be a growing bean. Growing 1st our roots, then our stems and leaves and flowers… a little bee ( buzz, buzz, buzz) came along to pollinate. We then grew our beans, some were eaten, some were replanted and we started the growing dance all over again. It was time to plant peas so we could see how real seeds grow. We will plant the seedling in the MOSAIC garden patch soon.

It was a beautiful sunny day so we went outside to plant some sunflower seed. We cannot wait to see the big sunny faces of the sun flower this summer.

Thank you to Alicia from SPEC and all the wonderful children at MOSAIC.

…and your friends are my friends… and my friends are your….


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    mobygarden said,

    What a lovely day- thank you everyone.

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