Soil types: Advantages, Disadvantages & Ways to improve.

Type Advantages Disadvantages Ways to improve
Clay Usually very fertile, lots of nutrients. Poor drainage, heavy to work. Rock hard when dry, horribly sticky when wet. Add organic matter and maybe gravel.
Sand Easy to work and easily improved. Free draining – too much so, dries out quickly and relatively infertile. Add organic matter and use fertilizers.
Caulk Good drainage (usually), while being moisture retentive. Moderate fertility. Shallow and stony. Forget about Rhododendrons, Camellias and other lime haters except in containers or raised beds. Add organic matter.
Silt Fairly moisture retentive, workable when wet. Compacts easily, can be incredibly hard when dry. Add organic matter
Peaty Loads of organic matter. Wet and acidic May need drainage. Add concentrated fertilizer and possibly lime
Lovely loam Easy to work, good drainage, good fertility, plants love it Only exists in fairy stories. Keep quite if you’ve got this or I’ll be round to pinch it. Re-cycle garden compost so you’re not taking from it and use fertilizers for hungry or very productive plants.

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