Feburary 24 Starting Seeds indoors

What a difference 4 days makes. Almost everything is up. Just no Dill and only 1 basil ( even thought it was planted in 4 pots). Finally last night one of the 2 eggplants came up.

The light is on about 18 hours a day. I water from the bottom with luke warm water, and I occasionally

Seeds after 7 days

After 7 days Feb 24th

mist everything, I have begun touching the leaves to simulate outdoor conditions.


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  1. 1

    Francois said,

    When can you transfer to the outdoor or a cold frame?

  2. 2

    mobygarden said,

    It all depends on the plant. Check the “link” we have to the West Coast Seed chart. But some general tips are (as long as it is warm enough outside) :

    1) Let the true leaves come in 1st ( the 2nd pair of leaves) Sort of at the point you can tell what the plant is.

    2) Make sure you harden off the seedlings 1st- having a few hours every day out side before letting the seedling stay out all night.

    3) If the nights are still cold once you leave out side cover with a cloche ( a clear 2 liter pop bottle works well with the bottom cut off).

    Enjoy your garden!

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