Playground now a dumping ground?

Working hard to make it beautiful
We worked hard to make it beautiful.
dumping in play ground
Is the the place for your old desk?

February 8th was a sad day for me, another plant was stolen from the Playground and someone dumped  a broken desk in our Local Heros pathway. Why are people doing this? Do they not realize it is hurting their community, their neighbours? Now MOBY has to arrange to get rid of this broken desk and pay to have the stolen plant and many of the other plants that were stolen replaced.

People have suggested the plants are stolen for the playground because it looks so good, the thieves are assuming it is the City that runs this park. My question is then; why are people stealing from the City? Is it not our taxes that are paying for those stolen plants?

I think when people steal, or damage property they think they are hurt only a faceless business or organization… but someone is paying. When you steal from a store, it makes prices go up or someone could lose their job. When you damage property,  the moneys used to repair the damage now can not go towards another project.

Most of us do not steal, but maybe we turn a blind eye to what we see in the world. If you see someone dumping take down their licence plate and call the non emergency number 604 717-3321. When you are told a story on how a friend took a few plants from the neighbourhood park; tell that person “that is not cool”.


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