Garden Tasks for January

Garlic from MOBY 2009


Tasks for January

Harvest: chard, leeks, radishes, mustard, radicchio

Plant: cauliflower, garlic

Protect: beans, cabbages, peas, radicchio, radishes, spinach beets

Sow (in green house or in cloche): cabbages, calabrese, cauliflower, radishes

Soon chard will be coming to an end, you can pull them roots and all and add to compost. There is still time to plant garlic, be sure the ground is not frozen or water logged. You can sow a bit earlier, like radishes and beans if you plant under a cloche. A cloches is a bell shaped cover ( like a plastic soda bottle with the bottom cut off) you put over you plants, this will keep the soil under the cloche a few degrees warmer.


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