M.O.B.Y. builds Playground and green space with 200 volunteers

Two volunteers working hard.

We raised funds, we pushed, we shoved, and  finally it was time to complete the vision MOBY (My Own Back Yard) put out on its front page ever since its inception – we built a playground! On June 6th 2009 200 plus volunteers came to build the playground.  What a wonderful feeling to have the community working together to reach a goal.

The playground dedicated ‘The Larry Young Memorial Park and Local Hero’s Pathway’.  Larry Young was an honourable police officer, involved in youth and sports, who died in the line of duty in 1987. Stella Young; Sgt Young’s widow was touched to have the playground named after her husband.  The playground is a happy place, Stella and Larry Young met at an early age in a playground; it seemed a fit memorial. Sgt Larry Young’s children and grandchildren were at the playground build.  Every year we will be honouring local heroes who have made East Vancouver a better place. An official nomination process has not been put in place but, if you know of a local hero worth honouring please email moby_lize@yahoo.ca.

So many organizations came together to make this dream a reality; especially MOSAIC , Let Them Be Kids, The Drive BIA,  First Christian Reformed Church, and the City of Vancouver. There were large donations made by Capers/Wholefoods and Kool-Aid. Many hands made for light work; we built, we planted, we made friends. Live bands entertained us like Wintermitts and XSL, we were fed yummy pizza and pasta by Lombardo’s.  MOBY is looking at partnering with groups that would take on the maintenance of the green space; this would be a wonderful opportunity for groups looking into Horticulture Therapy.

The heart of MOBY is still its community garden; the cob shed is almost completed with the leaf shaped roof, wonderful relief work and glass bottle windows.  The clover path ways are adding nutrients to the soil, and our compost bins are keeping valuable food waste out of the landfill. There is a short waiting list for plots in 2010; if you would like to be put on the waiting list, please email moby_lize@yahoo.ca. The fees are $25 plus 10 hours of volunteering around the garden.

Come see the garden, playground and green space under the skytrain line at 11th and Commercial Dr. Also view the build day video at http://www.viddler.com/explore/ltbk/videos/22/ and visit us at http://www.myownbackyard.ca.


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